General Services

Drs. Carroll, Atwood, and Carroll offer you a variety of services designed to maintain your oral health and to prevent future problems. A wide variety of treatments are available to you so that you can receive care promptly and get back to your normal life.

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal disease (also called gum disease or gingivitis) refers to the infection of the supportive tissues of the mouth due to toxic bacteria found in plaque. Many individuals suffer from some degree of gum disease, and if left untreated, gum disease can cause tooth loss, breakdown of the soft tissue in the mouth and jaw, and other significant health problems. Your periodontal therapy may include gentle removal of plaque and bacteria from beneath the gum line or a more advanced treatment designed to restore and maintain your optimum gum health. Since diseases like diabetes and heart-related illnesses have been linked to gum disease, it is important that you let your dentist and the Topsfield Dental team protect your health through periodontal therapy.

Root Canals

Damage to the nerve tissue inside of a tooth sometimes requires a root canal procedure, which is much more comfortable than you expect because of advances in dentistry. A root canal involves removing the soft tissue within the tooth (the pulp) when it has become infected and inflamed. The Topsfield dental team will gently restore your health by addressing the issues in the nerve and root system of your affected tooth. Capped off with a lifelike porcelain crown, you will return to natural form and function in no time!


When decay and bacteria are removed from a cavity, the area is then filled with a material that will seal and protect the structure of your tooth. This way, your risk for further decay is minimized.


Many individuals clinch or grind their teeth in their sleep. Not only does this cause damage to teeth, but also it can lead to headaches, tension in the neck and shoulders, and even snoring or difficulty breathing. A nightguard is a flexible mouthpiece, customized by your dentist, which protects your teeth and jaw while you sleep and which gives you relief during the following day.

Tooth Extractions

Every effort is made to keep all your teeth, as this is always the best and most preferred option. However, in the instance where a tooth cannot be saved, it may be recommended to extract it. In most cases, Drs. Carroll, Atwood, and Carroll can comfortably perform the procedure right here in the office.